Willing to try a new approach to pain management? Bowen has an 80% success rate with back & shoulder pain and  is great for easing aches and pains in general but you don't need to be in pain to feel the benefit‚Äč. 

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Give your body a boost with Bowen.

 bear gryll's AND BOWEN

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Born Survivor Bear Gryll's is 'hooked' and has Bowen therapy monthly to keep in top condition, following the successful treatment for back pain from a twisted pelvis. *full story in Daily Mail

Feel human again............with Bowen therapy

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If you are an athelete getting ready to compete or recovering from an injury, Bowen can help get your body balanced and in optimum condition and can help implement speedier healing.

Studies show regular Bowen can improve your range of movement and potentially lower your golf handicap by 1-2 shots. It is now used by many professional sports people, including premier football and rugby clubs, to help prevent injury, enhance performance and speed up recovery.