What our clients have to say about their experiences at Haelan Therapies 

''I've suffered with lower back pain for approx 25 years now, following a car crash when I was in my teens. I've had surgery to remove discs, physio, acupuncture and every injection you can think of to try and cure the pain. I've been prescribed many pain meds including morphine and was told that the pain clinic couldn't offer me anything else other than pain relief through medication.

I was advised to see Harriet and give Bowen a go, which I was more than happy to do, as you will try anything when you're in pain. I visited Harriet once a week for 4 weeks. On my first visit I honestly wondered what on earth I was doing putting myself through such slight and painless movements, how was this ever going to help my condition? I have to say I had the best nights sleep that night, it was wonderful. After 4 sessions I could tell there was something happening so I booked a further 4 sessions. 

After my 6th session, I noticed that the Gnawing ache I'd felt for so many years suddenly had eased. Don't get me wrong I still have pain, I've had it so long after all, but I feel so much better in myself and I'm able to continue with day to day tasks that I would've put off doing before having Bowen.

It's now been a few weeks since I last had my last Bowen treatment and so far I feel just as good. I was such a cynic when I first started my treatment as I've been let down by so many doctors and different NHS trusts in the past, so I wasnt holding out much hope for this. But how wrong can you be?!

If you're in pain and you've tried everything, what have you got to lose?

Let 'magic fingers' Harriet help!''

Stephanie Masters May 2017

'' I have had uneven leg length since I was 11 years old and at 27 I had septic arthritis and had a hip replacement which reduced the pain but I still had a very pronounced limp.

Not any more! One session with Harriet and my limp has virtually gone and I only came for treatment for a neuroma, causing acute pain in my right foot, which has also improved but has taken 5 sessions to work.

I have recommended Harriet to all my friends and family.''

Catherine Pritchard June 2017